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Restaurant and Bar Apps

-View our delicious food menu
-Stay up to date with our restaurant at anytime
-Unlock coupon rewards for frequent visits
-Special QR Coupons only on the App
-Submit your favorite beer photo
-Loyalty Coupons


Mobile Medical Record Association

MMRA gives you access to your lab results and the ability to quickly schedule a follow up appointment all on your mobile device.

With MMRA you can:
• View your test results
• Stay in touch with your physician
• Quickly schedule an appointment



Video Social Networking app that allows the user to embed  questions inside the video for friends will answer any you get to see their responses

Cross Platform

Rarely does an organization have the luxury of building mobile apps for a single mobile platform. The fact is, the smartphone and tablet space is dominated by three big platforms: iOS, Android and Windows. As such, in order to reach users, apps must be designed and built for all three of them.

Custom Design

There’s No App For That, And That’s Good

Developing custom apps for tablets and smartphones has become the cool thing to do. We make sure you aren’t opening a can of budget-busting worms long term.

99.9 Percent Uptime

We believe that we offer superior web hosting services and want you to be happy with your selection of as your web host provider. Many web hosting companies give uptime guarantees but do not explain the details to their customers. We guarantee our servers will be operational 24/7/365 99.9% of the time on average 12-months out of the year. Any maintenance performed on the servers that will require reboots or down time for any reason will be scheduled during off peak times (CST) and with at least a 24-hour notice to our

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David Emch
Chief Executive Officer
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Monica Mason
Advisor Board Member, Head of Second Screen Development
Selene Sanchez
Head of Public Relations
Head of East Coast Operations
Advisor Board Member, Head of Marketing Development

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